1 prototype : 3 cities Now when cities are already launching large busses running on hydrogen, we are in the right time and the right place to bring the H2 minibus version to the market. Currently Electrify has created the diesel minibuses retrofitting concept, which expects them turning into a hydrogen cell powered minibuses. In the […]


9 busses : 3 charging : Riga Thanks to our pioneering experience, Electrify is also now in a position to offer green transport solutions to the Riga region and Liepājas autobusu parks (JSC services Liepāja), thereby promoting the transition to electric mobility for public transport. We are delivering 3 electric minibuses for the Riga region […]


14 busses:  18 charging points: Ventspils Electrify is delivering an integrated electric mobility solution for the city of Ventspils, represented by municipality company Ventspils Reiss. Luckily, we both firmly believe that electric mobility has a key role in making our urban centres sustainable. Currently, we are delivering 14 Universāls 907 OPP electric minibuses (low-floor with 20 […]