14 busses:  18 charging points: Ventspils

Electrify is delivering an integrated electric mobility solution for the city of Ventspils, represented by municipality company Ventspils Reiss. Luckily, we both firmly believe that electric mobility has a key role in making our urban centres sustainable.

Currently, we are delivering 14 Universāls 907 OPP electric minibuses (low-floor with 20 seats), which will be used for public transport services in Ventspils. Also Electrify provides the charging infrastructure solution, including both slow and fast charging devices.

After the necessary infrastructure works, the opportunity pantograph charging solutions will be installed at the end of the electric bus routes (fast charging) and at the terminal (slow overnight charging). All of the delivered electric buses are equipped with Toshiba SCIB batteries, which ensures the charging to be fast and effective.

When in service, it is planned to provide bus infrastructure maintenance . Electrify will take care of the convenient and usual mode of minibus traffic for passengers, ensuring the shortest possible time interval between the routes, minimizing the time spent on the route and allowing for stopping upon demand.

The project started in January 2020 and is running till the end of 2021. 

Within it we analyzed the parameters and passenger habits of the route in order to be able to design the correct capacity, engine power, and batteries of sufficient capacity, which ultimately helped the client to provide uninterrupted public transport traffic on the route. The minibus is carrying out transportation 14 hours a day, traveling more than 200 km a day. The charging is done at each destination in about 10 minutes.