9 busses : 3 charging : Riga

Thanks to our pioneering experience, Electrify is also now in a position to offer green transport solutions to the Riga region and Liepājas autobusu parks (JSC services Liepāja), thereby promoting the transition to electric mobility for public transport. We are delivering 3 electric minibuses for the Riga region and 6 electric vehicles for Liepāja.

Although these electric buses come with comparably less extras, they not only remain consistently comfortable, but also require less time retrofitting and thereby are delivered much faster than our other models. Doubtlessly, these electric minibuses satisfy our customer expectations equally well.

The busses are equipped with 16 seats and 22 capacity total as well as depot charging solutions. The daily run is 200 km, including a 1 hour break for the charging. 

The project is running from Autumn 2020 till Autumn 2021.